Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Impact of Gratitude : by Kendra Goodwin

When Ashley and Deanna told me I would be writing our first stylist blog of the year, I immediately knew what I would write about. January 1 is an interesting time. We have just ended a year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. What better time than now to take some time to remember all of the awesome things from 2015? Here is how habitual gratitude can help kickstart your year!

Studies have shown that participants keeping a gratitude journal for 10 weeks versus those who did not were 25% happier. Who doesn't want to feel 25% happier?? It almost sounds like an infomercial for some magic serum, but it isn't. It is simply taking a timeout of every day to look at what you already have, and be thankful. I remember when The Secret was really popular, and I read it for myself. It got pretty extreme at parts, but strip away all the weird magic and the real secret is gratitude.

Side effects of gratitude might include:
More energy
Hire emotional intelligence
More forgiving attitudes
Less depression
Less anxiety
More feelings of being socially connected
Better sleep
Fewer headaches

My favorite chapter in my favorite book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, is titled "Gratitude is the new attitude". How awesome would it be if we made our New Year's resolution to be grateful? It is a lot easier than going to the gym or sticking to a diet! 

Here are some simple ways to remember all of your blessings every day:
- Think of five things you are grateful for every morning
- When you think of something someone did for you that you are grateful for, send them a card or even a quick email to let them know you appreciate them.

As we enter 2016, I am grateful for my smoking hot, incredibly supportive husband; our healthy, strong baby girl; and for a career doing what I love.

Remember, Thanksgiving isn't the only time to be thankful for! And Christmas isn't the only time to be generous with your love! Happy new year and a 25% happier new year if you track your gratitude :)

*A note from Ashley, co-owner of Verde Salon. This beautiful article was written by one of our amazing stylists, Kendra. She is a genuine person who practices gratitude everyday. More info about Kendra, click here .

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Taylor, October's Stylist of the Month!

Everyone who knows Taylor, loves her! Not only is she unbelievably talented and creative, she is just a total sweet heart! Taylor has shared some of her favorite stylist tricks and treats with us!

In her natural habitat.

Glo Minerals *New* Contour Kit- 20% OFF
Why Taylor loves it?
"I'm absolutely loving these fabulous versatile kits. The Contour Kits come with 2 deeper shades (one is a perfect bronzer) and 2 lighter highlight shades (one had beautiful shimmer) and they can double as eye shadow! The Contour Brush is the perfect double ended tool to chisel in depth and blend on highlight. "
KEVIN.MURPHY Anti-Gravity Spray 20% OFF
Why Taylor loves it?
"I chose Anti-Gravity because it gives you everything you need for the perfect blow-dry! Light hold, volume, and heat protection in one bottle! I also love spraying this on dry hair before I use a curling iron, it adds light hold, shine, and protection. Anti-Gravity also smells like lavender, I love it!"

Taylor's favorite fall trends: "For hair my favorite Fall trend is healthy hair! Everyone is coming in asking for big cuts to clean up dry damaged ends. We are doing a lot of glosses for shiny, healthy looking hair! For fashion, my favorite trend right now is all the bold Aztec patterns on clothes. Paired with moccasins or moccasin boots... so cute!"

Taylor is Supporting Shiloh this Month!

Our Stylist of the Month gets to pick one special animal at the APCSM to support. This means throughout the month all of our stylists will donate a portion of their tips toward Shiloh's adoption fees. Hopefully this is expedite this handsome fella into someones loving home. Shilo is a 10 year old rat-terroir mix, and he is a love bug! He loves walks and snuggling. He is friendly and sweet, a total gentleman. He deserves to spend his golden years with a loving best friend. Maybe it will be you?

Handsome guy Shiloh!

DID YOU KNOW?? A few (not so secret) secrets about Taylor!

1) Taylor is Verde Salon's very first employee! That right, she has been with us (Ashley and Deanna) right from the beginning. We all worked together in a previous salon together and we loved her so much she needed to come with us!
Taylor and Ashley on a tour in San Fran!

2) All Taylor's tattoos have an underwater theme. And she has got a lot! Her arm had an octopus, ship, sharks, buried treasure, coral and more. Her leg has a swan and sea shells, and on her torso is a lady pirate skeleton! The ocean is definitely a big part of Taylor's soul!

Taylor's newest edition!

3) Taylor has not one, but two motorcycles! This is actually how Deanna and Taylor met, in there mutual love for riding on two wheels with the wind whipping in their hair! (Just kidding, they wear helmets) Years ago they were both in a all girl motorcycle club, Chic Riders! Ride or die, ladies ;)

Deanna in the middle, Taylor on the right. Chic Riders. 

Taylor and her handsome guy, Ruscko!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Meet Kendra, Verde's September Featured Stylist!

September is the perfect time to spotlight our fabulous stylist, Kendra, because it is our one year anniversary together! How time flies!! Although, Kendra is such a perfect addition to the team its hard to imagine the salon with out her.

Kendra has been a stylist for over 8 years, but has been passionate about hair as long as she can remember. Her first clients being Barbies and childhood friends, nothing was going to hold her back from her true love, making everyone beautiful! Kendra is a real master and excels in every aspect of hair. From the most extreme makeover, to a precision classic bob, her work is always gorgeous. As an amazing listener with an honest heart, Kendra will always create a look perfect for each unique guest. 

Kendra's Products Picks for September!

Why Kendra Loves it: "I love that Killer Curly provides serious moisture and hydration to my curly hair clients. It enhances their curls, while still keeping a natural texture. Its perfect for curly girlies who want to wash and go!"

Glo Minerals LIP GLOSS 20% OFF
Why Kendra Loves it: "Glo Lip Gloss is one of my favorites because it feels great and lasts long. My lips always feel nourished and not too sticky. There are so many beautiful colors to chose, I especially love  Poppy & Peony !"

One thing we absolutely love about Kendra is her passion to learn and educate. Every time she learns something new, she shares it with the staff. Recently she became the salons first Kemon Master Colorist. In the year she's been with us she has dove head first in learning everything there is to know about Kevin Murphy and Kemon Color. She brings a fresh perspective and always has amazing ideas to share. 

One of Kendra's recent ideas is to sponsor an 'Animal of the Month' at the A.P.C.S.M. We will be raising money by stylists donating some of their tips, and posting about this particular animal to spread the word. This month we are sponsoring Cinder, a beautiful grey cat. Click HERE for more info about Cinder!
Cinder looking gorgeous ready for adoption!
In Kendra's own words:
Q. If you could style any celebrity, who would it be and why?
A. "I would love to do Lena Dunham's hair because she would be down for whatever hairstyle and we could chat. I think she is hilarious and intelligent."

Q. What would your 'spirit animal' be and why?
A. My spirit animal is obviously a cat because they are always in charge, and always do what they want. But can also be great listeners and great snugglers. And they have great hair!

This beautiful family with Kendra, Nate, and Rocky!

Since Kendra had made the move to Verde she has been having an incredible year! Aside from being an amazing, super-start stylist, she had married the man of her dreams, and is expecting baby-girl Kinsley in October! We are so excited for this upcoming bundle of joy, and know Kendra is the perfect role model to raise a kind, genuine,  and empowered little girl.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Meaghan, Verde's August Stylist of the Month!

Meaghan Morrissey!

August is the perfect time to feature Meaghan, Verdes newest team member, because it's warm and sunny just like her! 

Here are Meg's products favs for the month of August!

KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping Wash and Rinse 20% OFF
I choose the Plumping Wash and Rinse because this is the only hair product that actually does what it promises ! There are olceanioc acids that are a derivative from Biotin scientifically proven to work! After about a month you will start to see and feel a difference in your hair.  Don't even get me started about the scent, this scent is everything... I wish it was made in a perfume! Plumping was the first product I tried from Kevin Murphy. I've been using it since December of last year and continue to every time I wash my hair. This is my one product that I would bring to a desert island with me, it's my tried-and-true! 
Glo Minerals Sheer Lipstick 20% OFF
I chose the Sheer Lipsticks because they are beautiful and there's a ton of vitamins in them- A, C, & E! Vitamin A: fills in fine lines. Vitamin C: helps protect against environmental elements such as sun damage and aging. Vitamin E: is a vitamin that will lourish your lips with a ton of moisture, chapped lips are not cute in the summer!They also will last a lot longer than the standard lipstick which is awesome! The sheer lipsticks will add a pop of color without the feeling of a matte lip. I also love the names of 

Meaghan graduated this year from Toni and Guy, where she excelled in blowouts, styling, and undos.  Since her start at Verde Meaghan has been a perfect fit. She is a huge animal lover (and is now the resident dog-sitter) , she love everything eco, and is obsessed with fashion! If it's glitzy or glam- it's for Meg! 
In the salon you'll find Meg helping with appointments, giving the worlds best head massage, and helping the with basically everything while she completes Verdes training program. But Meaghans talents don't stop there! She is now a member of our wedding team. She is a fast master of beautiful & romantic formal looks. Meaghan is also working wonders with our Glo Minerals makeup line! 

In her own words!
Q. What is your favorite hair trend right now?
A. I love hair accessaries! Headbands, bows, flower crowns... they add more interest to your look. They are also more fun and noticeable than everyday jewelry wear.
Q. What would your dream vacation be?
A. Bora Bora! They have these cool bungalow hotels that I am dying to stay in. I would definitely bring my Glo minerals sheer lipstick in color Bora Bora with me :).
Q. Who is your celebrity hair and makeup inspiration?
A. I love Ellie Goulding! Her makeup is soft and simple keeping the focus on one feature of her face at a time. It is usually her eyes, and the look is beautiful!

Although she is a natural at everything in the beauty field, that's not our favorite thing about her. Meaghan has this genuine kindness that is absolutely infections. She is so sweet and bubbly that she literally lights up a room. The whole Verde community is in love with Meaghan and we are so glad she's ours! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Meet Tia, Verde's July Featured Stylist!

Tia... Verde's next up and coming SUPER-STAR!

We are thrilled to have Tia as July's stylist for many reasons. First of all, Tia is going to be the next big thing at Verde Salon! Starting this fall Tia will be opening up to a full schedule, and with her skills and stylist intuition, she we be cutting hair and taking names in a serious way.

Tia's Product Picks for July!

Kevin Murphy's  Blonde Angel Rinse 20% OFF
Why Tia loves it?

Blonde Angel really keeps blondes bright and combats those unwanted yellow and brassy (the B word!) tones that blondes can develop. This conditioning rinse leaves blonde and grey hair soft and manageable. 

Glo Minerals Perfecting Powder 20% OFF

Why Tia loves is? 
I love Glo's Perfecting Powder because for people like myself, who get super oily throughout the day, the perfecting powder is a life saver! I can go longer without blotting and it works miracles for touching up. This is a clay based translucent powder and is prefect for any shade of complexion!

Another reason we are glad to gush is Tia is an amazing talent on our Wedding Team. She can capture a brides whole style and make them look their very best. Her calm nature is also so wonderful on a day where stress can run high.

Making another bride happy!

What Tia had to say!
Q. What is your favorite color/cut to give?
A. My favorite cut to give right now is a short textured bob. Nothing feels better than getting rid of dry ends and trading them in for a cute new bob!

Q.If you had to choose another career, what would it be?
A. I would be a tour manager for bands/artists. Live music is one of my passions and to be a behind the scenes part of that would be amazing.

Q.What hair and make up trends are you loving right now?
A. Summer time always makes me crave that messy, beachy, blonde hair! And I'm still loving the simple eye/bold lip combo for summer, it's easy and fun.

Q.If you could style any celebrities hair  who would it be?
A.Leonardo DiCaprio, he's got a nice head of hair and I bet we would get along famously!

Makeup by Tia on Tia

Tia is truly a Verde Girl in so many ways. She is an animal lover and the mom of some super cute kitties. Tia is serious about being earth friend and lives a super healthy lifestyle. Her style is edgy and unique and she is full of passion. Verde salon is proud to have Tia call us her home away from home. And don't worry, you'll be hearing a lot from this one! 

Tia and her beautiful Mom

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Global Water for Earth Day at Verde!

Your purchase at Verde will help provide clean water!!

Its almost our favorite holiday.... EARTH DAY!! Every Earth Day Verde picks an environmental organization to raise money for. This year we have happily chosen to support Global Water. Verde will be donating 10% of all of our KEVIN.MURPHY and Glo Minerals purchases from April 7th to April 22nd. 

Global Water is a nonprofit Humanitarian organization that provides safe water and supplies sanitation and hygiene facilities to poor villages in developing countries. 

Over 1 billion men, women, and children do not have access to safe drinking water. Daily tens of thousands of them die from preventable diseases directly related to drinking polluted water. Women and children are normally tasked with the intensive labor of going to get water for the entire family by hiking to rivers, streams, or mud holes used by both animals and humans, which are normally badly polluted. The sad irony is that often there is life saving water just 100 feet directly underground. So what does this mean for us and global water?

Basically Global Water will go into these under developed areas and provide the equipment and knowledge to help these people to better their quality of life. Schools are given hand washing stations and children are taught the importance of cleanliness. After digging these wells and providing access to the clean water families are able to safely drink water without becoming ill. They are given life long tools and information to help communities stay safe with sanitation and hygiene facilities and facilities in schools. 

Sounds great? Well it is. Global water has been crushing it in clean water advocacy since 1982. After we have raised our huge donation, with your help of course, we will chose a project to sponsor. Global Water is excellent about keeping their website updated with all the amazing progress they are having. 

On a more local note, do you know where your bottled water is coming from? Most of us don't. Bottled water does NOT mean spring water (even if spring is in the name). 50% of bottled water sold in the U.S. is ordinary filtered tap water. Just like the water coming out of your faucet for, like, 1/1,000 the cost of bottled. Aquafina and Dasani are from municipal sources, AKA tap water. 

One of our very favorite local discoveries is Simpson Spring right in Easton, MA. This is genuine spring water with the minerals in tact. Simpson Spring dates back thousands of years (awesome, right??) and the water is tested 2x a week to meet the highest quality standards. We have been so happy supporting a local honest water source and thought you would too!

Simpson Spring 719 Washington Street rt 138 Easton, MA 508-238-4472

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet Sophia, Verde's April Featured Stylist!

We are so excited to spotlight our fabulous stylist Sophia for the month of April! She may be young, but Sophia is a fierce talent. From the day of her interview, we knew she was one of the most determined young women we have met. Her career began at a blow-dry bar where she mastered the art of a bombshell-blowout. After training with the Verde staff, Sophia is now the fastest growing stylist on the team. A couple of her specialties are balayage (ombre or escaille!), beautiful soft layers, and being able to pick the perfect products for any hair issues. In addition, she is an amazing wedding artist. Sophia is trained in Glo Minerals makeup and is amazing at formal wedding hair styles. We are so lucky and proud to have her on board! 

Sophia's Product Picks for April
KEVIN.MURPHY Anti-Gravity Spray 20% OFF!
-Why she loves it: "There are so many reasons why! I love that it is an oil free volumizer, so it does a great job of really lifting the root without being to heavy. It also has awesome hold for a bombshell blowout! I love that Anti-Gravity can be used as a light weight hair spray, and along with all that it has heat protection so it protects the hair while styling it!"

Glo Minerals Bronzer 20% OFF!
-Why she loves it: "This is my go-to product on any day of the week. I love the subtle shimmer of 'Sunkiss' to give my face a natural glow. Glo bronzer is also a girls best friend when it comes to contouring. It hase vitamins A, C, E, and green tea extract so it is great for any skin type. This is awesome for April to give all of our pale faces some warmth and glow!"

A little more about Sophia?
Q. If you had to choose another professions, what would it be and why?
A. I would choose to work with special needs children. They have a special place in my heart especially because I grew up with a very close friend who had Down syndrome. There is no better feeling they helping and spreading love. 
Q. If you could style any celebs hair, who would you pick?
A. Christina Aguilera because she is a saint and the movie Burlesque is the reason I followed my passion for hair and makeup.
Q. What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
A. Full grown beards! I don't know what is sexier than a manly man with a well kept beard. 
Q. What is your favorite hair color for 2015?
A. Gray hair! I'm obsessed with any natural or enhance gray color. It's so edgy and beautiful no matter what age!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Deanna and Ashley's Lips and Hips Shoot!!

So we (Deanna and Ashley) decided to blaze the trail and give the Lips and Hips a try. We had such a blast! Honestly better than we even hoped! We are going to write a little bit about our experience and give you a taste of Shannon's work. She was also kind enough to take a couple pics of them together!

Here is what Deanna had to say about this experience:
"I have to say this is probably one of the best things that I have done for myself in a while! Walking in I was definitely feeling a little nervous and not knowing what to expect. I mean putting on a small amount of clothing in front of a stranger that you've never met before who wouldn't be nervous! Not only is Shannon's location super super cute and quaint. I felt so comfortable in her space and Shannon herself makes you feel like you are longtime friends. Plus she does this every day so she's used to seeing every shape and size. So the first outfit was the most revealing (hence not being pictured here). The ones following that were more softer kind of sexy-over-the-shoulder outfits. With never doing this before Shannon gave me great direction and helpful hints. Who would've known how hard it is to be a model? I feel like at some points I was doing a yoga pose! Got to give those models some credit. After about three outfit changes we were on our last shoot. Which involved the fan blowing my hair which was absolutely amazing... I felt like a real supermodel! After leaving I really did not know what to expect. I basically just left everything up to Shannon. I am so glad that I did.  I was completely blown away by the finished photos that she sent me. Not only did she make me look great but she made me feel amazing about myself. Which I think everybody should experience!"

 Here is what Ashley had to say about her experience:
"I was totally nervous about having a boudoir shoot. I knew I liked the idea of it... but the act?? Not sure. However, I really wanted to give it a go and see what this experience was like to be able to encourage our Verde community to give it a try. I also wanted to feel like a Hot Mama! Boy did I ever!! Shannon was absolutely amazing. Unlike Deanna, I went in with no direction at all. I was too nervous for direction! I just said do whatever you think is right. What she came up with is better than I ever imagined. I can't even believe these pics are me! Not to toot my own horn... but TOOT TOOT! If it wasn't for this promotion I'm not sure I would have ever felt sexy-shoot worthy. After having it done I honestly feel like EVERY WOMAN should have pictures of herself she looks at and says 'Dang- I look good!' When I showed Chris, my fiance, he said "I'm marrying a model!" What is better than that?? This is the least revealing pic so the rest are for Chris's eyes only."

So how can you enter to win this amazing experience for yourself? Come on in to Verde and purchase a new Glo Minerals Matte Lipstick (for only $16!!) OR post a pic of your favorite shade (preferably you wearing it) and tag both Verde and Shannon on Facebook or Instagram. You can also go to the Glo Minerals page to check out the shades and pick your fav!! More contest info HERE.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lip and Hips Boudoir Shoot Giveaway!

You could win a Lips and Hips Boudoir Shoot with the AMAZING photographer Shannon Michelle including hair and makeup styling compliments of Verde Salon! How does this unbelievable offer work, you ask? Here's the deal.

Why we are doing this: Just this week Verde has introduced our hottest new makeup product, Glo Minerals new Matte Lips Collection. We are SO IN LOVE with these long wear lip sticks and lip crayons we needed to celebrate! There are two styles, a twist up stick and a crayon, which comes with a sharpener in the cap (the best!) and comes in 12 beautiful shades. They encompass all the hottest looks we are seeing for spring 2015. Magenta, orange, nude pink... the list goes on. Matte lips- not shiny- is a hot trend right now. Bold color without the sticky shine.

Here is where the photo shoot comes in: Deanna and I recently had the pleasure to meet Shannon Michelle, a Braintree based photographer, who specializes in boudoir shoots and portraits. After chatting about how we love making women feel their best and how stupid all these body image hangups are it was clear we had the same vision. Her work is absolutely stunning and she wanted to collaborate with Verde. YAY!! 

What we came up with: Two ways to enter the Lips and Hips Giveaway
1. You purchase any of our new Glo Minerals Mattes Lips at Verde Salon. 
2. You post a pic of your favorite new Glo Minerals Matte shade on Instagram or Facebook and tag BOTH Verde Boutique Salon (@verdeboutiquesalon) and Shannon Michelle Photography (@shannonmichellephoto). 
(yes, you can enter twice by doing both!)

What one lucky winner will receive
1. A shoot with Shannon including one outfit and one implied nude. This is a petite version of Shannon's full boudoir session. 
2. A 5 photo password protected app for you mobile phone. 
3. Professional hair and makeup styling by yours truly, Verde Salon. 
4. An opportunity to feel like the amazing, beautiful goddess that you are!
Pretty great, right?

I mean, who doesn't want to be the subject of a glamourous, sultry photo shoot? I know we do! Which is why this Monday Deanna and Ashley will be doing just that! Shannon will be doing a Lips and Hips shoot on us so we can show and tell you all about it. 

So for your honey, or to embrace the amazing you, don't miss this opportunity! Please spread the word!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet Samantha, Verde's March Featured Stylist!

Verde proudly presents Samantha Snowdale, Featured Stylist for March 2015.

Samantha has been been with Verde Salon for 2 years, but has been dishing out amazing hair for over 10. She is an absolutely amazing precision hair cutter with extensive education from NYC to Toronto. Watching her create shapes in hair is like watching Picasso paint. Sam is a master of coloring, using soft dimension and an expert eye Samantha can pick the perfect shade to compliment every skin tone. As a leader on Verde's wedding team, she has created countless perfect hair and makeup looks. We are talking about a beauty expert with the skills to prove it!

Samantha Product Picks for March!!

 Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort Spray 20% OFF
Why Sam Loves it: "I love it because it gives me a fun, beachy look without a lot of time or effort (which is awesome for a new mom of two!) I also love how it is great for all hair types and textures. Bonus, it smells like a vacation day at the beach!"

Glo Minerals Lip Gloss 20% OFF
Why Sam Loves it: "Glo glosses have an amazing feeling, are not to sticky, and are super moisturizing. The colors are beautiful and subtle and last really long for a gloss. My two favorite shades are Peony and Poppy!"

What Sam had to say!
Q. What was your favorite hair and makeup look this year at the Oscars?
A. "Jennifer Aniston. Her hair was beachy and effortless (Hair Resort Spray is perfect for this!) and her makeup was classic and timeless. Jen's look says class all the way."
Q. If you had to chose another career other than hair stylist, what would it be?
A. "Children's clothes designer. I'd love to make baby clothes that are more comfortable and practical than what I am finding today. Practical and stylish would be my style."
Q.What is your favorite hair style to do on your guests?
A. "Bobs! I love the versatility of a bob. It is great on so many textures and face shapes. Bob's incorporate precision cutting, angular lines, and fun/flirty shapes. I'm glad the long-bob, or 'lob', is such a hot cut right now!"

While Samantha is not at work creating hair and makeup looks to knock your socks off, she is moonlighting as a Super-Mom to two BEAUTIFUL little guys. How does she do it? The career, great kids, loving husband, adorable dog, and still more stunning than half the girls on the runway? It would be an understatement to say she is organized. I'm talking meal plans for 2 weeks, color coded closets, organized. When you are good, good things come back to you and we are lucky to have landed this gem!