Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Impact of Gratitude : by Kendra Goodwin

When Ashley and Deanna told me I would be writing our first stylist blog of the year, I immediately knew what I would write about. January 1 is an interesting time. We have just ended a year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. What better time than now to take some time to remember all of the awesome things from 2015? Here is how habitual gratitude can help kickstart your year!

Studies have shown that participants keeping a gratitude journal for 10 weeks versus those who did not were 25% happier. Who doesn't want to feel 25% happier?? It almost sounds like an infomercial for some magic serum, but it isn't. It is simply taking a timeout of every day to look at what you already have, and be thankful. I remember when The Secret was really popular, and I read it for myself. It got pretty extreme at parts, but strip away all the weird magic and the real secret is gratitude.

Side effects of gratitude might include:
More energy
Hire emotional intelligence
More forgiving attitudes
Less depression
Less anxiety
More feelings of being socially connected
Better sleep
Fewer headaches

My favorite chapter in my favorite book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, is titled "Gratitude is the new attitude". How awesome would it be if we made our New Year's resolution to be grateful? It is a lot easier than going to the gym or sticking to a diet! 

Here are some simple ways to remember all of your blessings every day:
- Think of five things you are grateful for every morning
- When you think of something someone did for you that you are grateful for, send them a card or even a quick email to let them know you appreciate them.

As we enter 2016, I am grateful for my smoking hot, incredibly supportive husband; our healthy, strong baby girl; and for a career doing what I love.

Remember, Thanksgiving isn't the only time to be thankful for! And Christmas isn't the only time to be generous with your love! Happy new year and a 25% happier new year if you track your gratitude :)

*A note from Ashley, co-owner of Verde Salon. This beautiful article was written by one of our amazing stylists, Kendra. She is a genuine person who practices gratitude everyday. More info about Kendra, click here .

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