Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holiday Make-Up 2016!

By: Jessica McNeil

Can you believe it's almost that time of year where we are all walking through the mall filled with Christmas decorations and children sitting on Santa's lap?   It feels as though each year goes by faster than the last! Aside from the fun of holiday shopping and the family dinners that come with the season, my favorite part of this time of year is being able to switch up my make up look!  As soon as the first day of fall hits I am ready to darken my color palette, especially when it comes to my lips. Fall and winter are the one time of year you can really pull off a rich red wine or even plum tone lip!  Here are two of my favorite go to holiday looks.

This photo is my festive everyday look, featuring Glo Minerals Matte Suede Lip Crayon in Bombshell. When it comes to an everyday red I absolutely love the color Bombshell, it's a classic pinup red. I feel it's really a shade of red just about everyone looks good in! Glo Minerals has the best matte lipstick I've come across yet!  They are very moisturizing and do not dry out your lips, which is even more important when wearing a bold color (Who wants to see flaky, dry, peeling lipstick?! )

 In this next photo I'm wearing a richer, deeper lip color, Glo Minerals Matte Suede Stick in Port,  which is something I'm more likely to wear to a holiday party.  For a more dramatic night time look I love this shade.  This product, like the crayon, is also matte without any of the yucky drying effects! It's a beautiful sultry color that lasts.

If both of these shades feel a little too bold for you and you would like something gorgeous but more subtle, I recommend lining your lips in with Glo Minerals lip liner in color Vino. This is a wonderful in-between color of red and plum and still carries a rich tone with a softer effect. Another benefit of filling in your lips with a lip liner is it stays on like a dream!

 One last thing! Glo Minerals has made it even easier to achieve these looks for the holidays this year with great gift sets! In particular the "Bold Pursuit" kit has a black eyeliner, cream eyeshadow stick (in the same shades as my photos above!)  end it also comes with a gorgeous limited addition "Date Night" lipstick which is a beautiful rich berry tone. Stop by Verde salon to see the colors in person and have one of our artists try it on you!

A note about the author: Jessica is one of Verde's most talented up-and-coming  makeup artists. Keep and eye out for her fabulous work! - Ashley Sexton, Verde's Co-Owner


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Verde Holiday Specials 2016!

We have some amazing Holiday deals this year and wanted to take the time to give them the attention they deserve! Choosing the right gift for friends and family can be hard, but you will find something for everyone in these beautiful kits!


With the purchase of REPAIR-ME WASH & RINSE you receive a FREE REPAIR-ME HAND CREAM.

With the purchase of ANGEL WASH & RINSE you receive a FREE DOO.OVER.

With the purchase of HYDRATE WASH & RINSE you receive a FREE SESSION.SPRAY.

With the purchase of PLUMPING WASH & RINSE you receive a FREE BODY BUILDER.

Glo Minerals Gift Sets

This trio of deeply pigmented red and berry tones are the perfect party tones. This kits includes a Suede Matte Crayon, high shine Gloss, and creamy Lipstick. Plus a new Pom Balm!

Create a modern twist on a classic look. This collection of limited edition items includes a Liquid Liner, 2 Cream Shadow Sticks, Lipstick, and a Precision Eye Pencil.

GLO MINERALS- ALTER EGO $85 ($144.50 Value)
From gauzy to gilded, you can create stunning looks with this collection for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Including a 8 shade shadow palette, Cream Shadow Stick, Cream Blush, Lipstick, Lip Pencil, and mini Texture Brush.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

3 Must-Do's This Fall!

By: Holly Stokes, Coordinator and Salon Super Hero

Holly here, one of Verde’s Salon Coordinators! As a coordinator, I get an excellent overview of trends in styles, appointments, new products, seasons, you name it! With that said, I have some really helpful suggestions for you to kick off Fall, and make the most of my favorite season! Despite being raised on the beach, there is nothing better than the cool crisp air, and wearing a comfy hoodie and boots! 

Indulge Your Senses 

As the season changes, I love the warm, comforting scents of Autumn. At Verde during October we are carrying Green Koala candles in Apple Harvest, Vanilla, and Pumpkin Soufflé (you literally will want to take a bite out of each). Did you know that all of our proceeds from the candles are donated to the APCSM animal shelter located in Brockton, MA to help off set the adoption fee for a loving family? Pick one up today and enjoy the refreshing aroma and the joy that fills your heart knowing you not only helped an animal find a home but helped a family find their newest best friend.

Pamper Your Hair and Skin

Along with the change in the  weather comes a change in our hair care regimen; we change up the color to be a little bit darker, we’re wearing it down, and we’re blow drying more often. I am constantly getting guests this time of year saying “I just want something new!” With those changes can come dryness and static. I absolutely love the Young Again Oil by KEVIN.MURPHY because it’s a weightless oil infused with immortelle oil which is an antioxidant to protect hair from heat and environmental damage. I use it on my hair when it’s damp and again when it’s dry to counteract the static electricity that inevitably comes along with the dry air and sweater weather. Our faces can start to feel a little parched after the come down of constant sunshine. Hydration Mist, from Glo Minerals, is not only an excellent makeup setter, but it's an awesome refreshing blast of moisture anytime you need it. Just mist and enjoy!

Book an Appointment… For Real

Not only are we competing with our inner desire to get the latest seasonal trends, we have endless Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holiday parties. All crammed into, what, 10 weeks? Psh... That’s a lot of pressure to look good all season. Your best defense? Have those appointments booked! The holiday season is the most competitive for those slots with your favorite stylist, so go ahead and commit! It breaks my heart when I get those last minute frantic calls like “I can’t let my in-laws see my grey roots!” So don't get left out in the cold, book ‘em.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meet Lyndsey, Verde's Featured Stylist for September!

For the Month of September we are featuring Lyndsey Cosgrove, one of Verde's newest talents. We are excited to share some of the things that make Lyndsey a fabulous stylist, and a fun team member!
Lyndsey taking a selfie with her favorite lip color, Pop!
Lyndsey basically entered this world wanting to style hair. Every doll she had as a child got cuts, curls, or braids. She also insisted her mom patiently put her hair in sponge rollers at night so she could wake up with the Shirley Temple curls of her dreams. As Lyndsey grew older, her passion for hair grew stronger. Her clients evolved from dolls to friends and family. Completing cosmetology school and passing the state board test in 2012 was the obvious next step! "Working in this industry I feel grateful that I go to work excited for the day and go home feeling happy and fulfilled" said Lyndsey about working as a stylist. 

As a stylist Lyndsey has amazing instinct. She has a talent for knowing not only what will look great on someone, but the best way to achieve each guests hair dreams. Lyndsey loves precision bobs, being trained at Vidal Sassoon in NYC, and beautiful dimensional colors, using various hand painting and foiling techniques. Her clients are loyal not only because of their beautiful cuts and colors, but for the fun and relaxed experience Lyndsey provides. Check out some of her favorite work!

In Lyndsey's own words:Q & A

1) Q. What is your favorite trend in 2016?
   A. Some of my favorite trends right now are anything 90's inspired. I love the modern twist on the clothes and hairstyles that were popular then. I also love that balayage seems here to stay for a while. I love playing with all the different variations of the technique.
2) Q. What would be your dream vacation?
  A. I would love to go to Thailand! I have never been to that side of the world and I would love to explore the history and the beautiful tropical areas.
3) Q. If you could only give one haircut the rest of your life, what would it be?  A. If I had to do one haircut for the rest of my career it would be a bob. There are so many different twists you can create with the classic style! 

Lyndsey had been hoping to make a switch to the Verde team since she heard about the eco-friendly color line and products, and unique and relaxed work environment. She said "I felt that the change would make a huge difference in my professional and personal life. And it has!" Moving forward in her career at Verde she hopes to become successful enough to buy a farm to fill with all her favorite animals! 
Lyndsey and her handsome BF of 7 years, Greg. 

Phoebe Cosgrove, the family's dog and accountant (J/K!)
We are so happy to have Lyndsey on the team and look forward to growing and learning together! 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Meet Shannon, Verde's Featured Stylist for August!

Shannon Long is Verde's featured stylist for the month of August and we can't wait to tell you all about her! Shannon is one of Verde's newest team members, starting this past July. She is a great fit for Verde not only because she is extremely talented, she's also a super nice awesome gal!

Shannon and her girlies at Kendra wedding

Shannon has been styling hair since 2009, and has loved it from the jump. She especially loves dimensional colors and beautiful bobs. Shannon's guests are crazy about her not only for their beautiful locks, but she is so sweet and easy to spend time with. She has had extensive education in coloring, cutting, and formal styling. Her eye for hair and fashion is obvious in her own stunning personal style. Check out some of her work!

Multi-tonal Bob
Blonde 'Lob' (Long Bob)
Long Layered Balayage
When she's not doing hair, Shannon loves to snuggle her fur baby, Harley, and spend time with her boyfriend, Chris. You can also find her walking at Blue Hills, going to the beach, or just being outside! Shannon also loves kicking back and watching a good movie. Classic faves like 'The Goonies' to silly rom-com's like 'Somethings Gotta Give' are some top picks.

Fun in the sun!

In Shannon's own words... Q&A!

1) Q: If you could style any celeb, who would it be and why?
A:Emma Stone, because she changes it up and can pull off a lot of looks. Plus, I think she would be a blast of a client! I would also love to style Sarah Jessica Parker because I think she has a strong look and owns it, and subtle changes on her make a huge difference.

2) Q: If you were going to be stuck on an island, what would be your must-have products?
A:I would have to have Hydrate.Me Wash and Rinse, Staying.Alive leave in conditioner, and Glo Minerals tinted primer for the 30 SPF!

3) Q: What would be your Spirit Animal?
A: I would say a bear, because they are hard working and humble, haha.

4) Q: Which Spice Girl would you be?
A: This was a hard one, LOL, I would say Posh Spice because she had good style and a straight forward classy attitude !

5) Q: Why is Verde the perfect home for you?
A:Verde is the perfect home for me because it practices what it preaches when it come to being eco friendly, fun, and professional. I totally believe in the products and color we use. Everything delivers as it says it will. The team is always happy and helpful. The owners truly care for you and the career and just want the best for you, which is rare to feel constantly. It's a great pleasure to be a part of the team.

In the future, Shannon hopes to marry her dream boat boyfriend and expand the family to give Harley a human sibling. She would love to expand her travel experience and get to South Africa, Ireland, Italy, and see more of America. Shannon plans to continue to learn and stay passionate about doing hair. She sees the Verde team growing old together (and so do we)!

Shannon and her Bestie (A.K.A Mom)

Shannon and Chris, SO CUTE ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Being Green: Small Changes, Big Impact!

By Taylor Galvin

“My role is small, but I’ll make a change”
-Dub Fx

I love to spend time outdoors.  Whether I’m swimming at the beach, walking in the woods with my dogs, or adventuring in the snow, experiencing nature is my favorite thing to do.  Anyone who knows me knows it breaks my heart to see all these places polluted with trash, majorly consisting of bottles, plastic bags, or some sort of packaging.  

Taylor and her pup enjoying nature all year long!

Landfills in the U.S. are filling up, leaving us with nowhere to put the trash that actually does make it to the dumpster.  A big percentage of this trash could be recycled or composted.  Trash is extremely harmful to all of us.  Not only does it take up space that we are living in, it also emits toxic gasses that we breathe, pollutes the water we drink, poisons the fish and animals we eat, and contaminates the land where we grow crops.  

I wish I could fix it in one easy step but I can’t!  BUT if everyone pitches in we can make a difference!  “My role is small, but I’ll make a change” are the inspiring words sung by the insanely talented street performer Dub Fx.  In the song "Love Someone," he creates a vision of peace and appreciation of the earth in the funkiest poetry performance I’ve ever seen! This particular line reminds me that even when I feel my individual actions are small, every effort to bettering the world counts. Check out his performance here!  https://youtu.be/UiInBOVHpO8

You know who else is funky and appreciates the earth..?  The Verde Girls!  My own daily practices to living green are avoiding plastics, driving my four-cylinder car and motorcycle, recycling, and using minimal electricity.  An easy way to make a significant different is to be as plastic free as you can be.  Here are some of Verde’s ways to execute these ideas:  

Taylor riding her motorcycle.

  • Reusable Bags- almost every grocery store you shop at has these for sale.  You can get a basic bag for as little as a dollar.  There are also insulated ones to keep food fresh.  Or spend a little more money and buy one that accentuates your own personal style! 
  • Reusable water bottles- The girls at Verde use refillable glass water bottles instead of plastic disposable ones.  Any reusable one is better than a disposable one.  We love the glass bottles from lifefactory.com. Having some sort of filtration system will save you money in the long run too!  Simpson spring is our ethical source of water that comes from a local spring in Easton, MA.  Find more out about Simpson Spring at www.simpsonspring.org
  • Buying products that come in biodegradable packaging.  The less packaging the better. Choosing cardboard or paper over plastic is also easier to recycle.
  • Buying in bulk- Fewer trips to the store saves gas and usually when you buy in bulk you get a better deal.

Verde's favorite reusable glass water bottles!
Did you know that in Massachusetts there is a ban on throwing away anything that can be recycled?  It is almost impossible to be enforced though.  Our neighbor Vermont is one of the nations top recyclers!  
Most local towns are now offering single stream recycling to their residents.  Other towns offer private recycling services for a small fee.  If you are unsure of how to go about this contact your town/city hall for more information or ask one of the Verde girls! In our home town of Braintree they post amazing info through the town. 

Braintree spreading the good word, no more plastic bags!

       At Verde we have an ongoing recycle program and anyone is welcome to drop of any hard to recycle packaging, such as aerosol can and cosmetic packaging. 
    Let’s be the beginning of an awesome movement to clean up this earth! No effort is too small to make a change.  Every bit of living eco-consious helps.  Thank you for picking Verde and helping us in our mission to reduce waste and energy!

About the author: Taylor truly is one of the most conscientious women we have had the pleasure of working with. Not only will she go out of her way to pick up random litter, but she will make efforts to save bees who have made their way indoors. She truly makes the Verde team proud with her earth loving ways.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Perfect Summertime Makeup and Hair Products!

By: Tia Tocci

The summer months are finally upon us and for many people that means beach days, hours by the pool, and many other outdoor activities. We definitely deserve some fun in the sun after a long winter! However, a few things we need to consider are that prolonged sun exposure, sea salt, and chlorine can be damaging to our hair and skin. Luckily, KEVIN.MURPHY hair care products and Glo Minerals makeup have got you covered to keep your hair and skin healthy and stylish through the warm summer months. 

Sun Care for Your Hair!
KEVIN.MURPHY BODY.BUILDER volumizing mousse and MOTION.LOTION curl enhancing lotion both have UV protection and sun screens to help protect your hair. These products are great to apply before sunbathing to prevent your color from fading. 

Effortless Summer Hair Style!
For perfect beachy texture, KM's HAIR.RESORT comes in a gel or spray form and has a delicious coconut scent to complete your day at the beach look. Scrunch HAIR.RESORT into damp or dry hair for the ultimate surfer waves!

Keep Your Hair Fresh!
If you're spending plenty of time in the pool, KM's MAXI.WASH and BORN.AGAIN treatment are perfect to add to your routine. MAXI.WASH will detox any harsh chemical build up from the pool and BORN.AGAIN treatment will restore moisture the pool and sun have taken from your hair. No matter what your plans are this summer, a leave in conditioner like UN.TANGLED or STAYING.ALIVE are the perfect way to keep your hair healthy and hydrated during the dry summer months.

Face Protection with Triple Duty!
Protecting our skin from the sun is extremely important when we're out enjoying the warm weather. Glo Minerals has the best tinted primer to wear during the summer. It's light, silky smooth with a matte finish, and has SPF 30. It comes in 4 blend-able shades. Finished off with the perfecting powder or a pressed powder foundation for a little more coverage is the perfect combo for a day in the sunshine. 

Get the Color without the Damage! 
Dust on a Sunkiss Bronzer or Sunlight Bronzer for a natural, guilt-free summer glow. These beautiful pressed powder bronzers add just a touch of luminescence to make you look like a healthy tan goddess! 

Protect Your Smoocher, Too!
Glo Minerals Mint lip balm has SPF 15 to keep your lips protected, plump, and hydrated. This oversized lip balm is a must have in any beach bag!

I hope with these simple tips and tricks you'll surely look and feel your best, beautiful self this summer!