Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Taylor, October's Stylist of the Month!

Everyone who knows Taylor, loves her! Not only is she unbelievably talented and creative, she is just a total sweet heart! Taylor has shared some of her favorite stylist tricks and treats with us!

In her natural habitat.

Glo Minerals *New* Contour Kit- 20% OFF
Why Taylor loves it?
"I'm absolutely loving these fabulous versatile kits. The Contour Kits come with 2 deeper shades (one is a perfect bronzer) and 2 lighter highlight shades (one had beautiful shimmer) and they can double as eye shadow! The Contour Brush is the perfect double ended tool to chisel in depth and blend on highlight. "
KEVIN.MURPHY Anti-Gravity Spray 20% OFF
Why Taylor loves it?
"I chose Anti-Gravity because it gives you everything you need for the perfect blow-dry! Light hold, volume, and heat protection in one bottle! I also love spraying this on dry hair before I use a curling iron, it adds light hold, shine, and protection. Anti-Gravity also smells like lavender, I love it!"

Taylor's favorite fall trends: "For hair my favorite Fall trend is healthy hair! Everyone is coming in asking for big cuts to clean up dry damaged ends. We are doing a lot of glosses for shiny, healthy looking hair! For fashion, my favorite trend right now is all the bold Aztec patterns on clothes. Paired with moccasins or moccasin boots... so cute!"

Taylor is Supporting Shiloh this Month!

Our Stylist of the Month gets to pick one special animal at the APCSM to support. This means throughout the month all of our stylists will donate a portion of their tips toward Shiloh's adoption fees. Hopefully this is expedite this handsome fella into someones loving home. Shilo is a 10 year old rat-terroir mix, and he is a love bug! He loves walks and snuggling. He is friendly and sweet, a total gentleman. He deserves to spend his golden years with a loving best friend. Maybe it will be you?

Handsome guy Shiloh!

DID YOU KNOW?? A few (not so secret) secrets about Taylor!

1) Taylor is Verde Salon's very first employee! That right, she has been with us (Ashley and Deanna) right from the beginning. We all worked together in a previous salon together and we loved her so much she needed to come with us!
Taylor and Ashley on a tour in San Fran!

2) All Taylor's tattoos have an underwater theme. And she has got a lot! Her arm had an octopus, ship, sharks, buried treasure, coral and more. Her leg has a swan and sea shells, and on her torso is a lady pirate skeleton! The ocean is definitely a big part of Taylor's soul!

Taylor's newest edition!

3) Taylor has not one, but two motorcycles! This is actually how Deanna and Taylor met, in there mutual love for riding on two wheels with the wind whipping in their hair! (Just kidding, they wear helmets) Years ago they were both in a all girl motorcycle club, Chic Riders! Ride or die, ladies ;)

Deanna in the middle, Taylor on the right. Chic Riders. 

Taylor and her handsome guy, Ruscko!

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