Friday, February 13, 2015

Ecaille... The Hottest Hair Color Trend!

Move Over Ombre.... Ecaille ( French for tortoiseshell) is Here! 

Ecaille by Stylist Ashley Sexton using Great Length Extensions
We have been seeing these beautiful hair colors on our favorite celebs, like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, and Giselle Bundchen, that is not quite ombre, not quite balayage... it's Ecaille! This look is straight out of Paris and very natural and gorgeous. Think of tortoiseshell glasses with deep browns, caramels, honeys, and tans, all blending in unison.  

What makes this look different from ombre? It's basically ombre's more polished, sophisticated big sister.  First of all, its much more blended. Instead of using 2-3 shades it incorporates 3-5 tones. Also, it has a much bigger transition area. There are little highlights all through, and very gradually fades from dark to light. Many Escaille looks are also a little brighter around the face. I would suggest not lightening more than 2-3 shade lighter than your natural. Are we sure how to pronounce it? No. Do we love the look? Yes!
My favorite part of these glam looks is they are blended and SHINY! Most colorist say they are paired with glosses to really let the subtle tones sparkle. Our Coloring Green organic gloss is the perfect top coat to shine and protect those locks! 

Ecaille done by Stylist Kendra Martin
 More Ecaille done by the Verde girls!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Meet Taylor & her February Product Picks!

Meet our stylist Taylor, and a couple of her favorite products!!

February, the month of love, is the perfect time to highlight our stylist, Taylor, because she IS a love! Tayor has been with Verde since opening in 2012. With her meticulous eye for detail and her flare for fashion, Taylor is truly a one of a kind stylist. One of Taylor's best qualities is her ability to truly listen to each guests needs and make even the most "Nervous Nellie" feel right as home. Her sweet nature is infectious, brightening everything she comes in contact with. 
Taylor's favorite products? Glad you asked! 
1. KEVIN.MURPHY Body Builder 20% OFF- Taylor said: I chose body builder as my product of the month because it is my personal favorite. Not only do I use it at home daily, I also use it on almost every guest. Body builder's versatility makes it the perfect go to for all hair types. With this spray mousse you can achieve great volumizing, smooth glossy looks, or even an easy wash and go product for curlier styles. It's also great for pairing with other KM products for a softer hold. Benefits from using body builder are moisture binding to the hair from vitamin b5 extracts, sunflower seed and almost extracts. Essential oil of tangerine is another main ingredient that locks down the cuticle to create shine.  

2. Glo Minerals Royal Lip Crayons and Sharperners 20% OFF - Taylor said: The royal lip crayon is a quick easy way to add a pop of color to your makeup routine. More color than a gloss but you still get the precision of a pencil! From sheer pinks to deeper burgundy there is a color for everyone. They are rich in moisture and long lasting. Imperial pink in my personal favorite. 

Q and A with Taylor!
1. What is your favorite cut to give?
Taylor: "Right now I'm really loving asymmetrical cuts. I think it's really cool how there is a lot of variety in them."
 2. If you could style any celebrities hair, who would it be?
Taylor : "Katy Perry, she is always experimenting with crazy colors and different styles."
3. What is your favorite fashion accessory?
Taylor: "Oversized earrings! The bigger the better!"

Taylor also avidly attends education classes. She has taken master cutting and color techniques with Kemon color, Kevin Murphy, and Euphora cutting.  

 Some of Taylor's beautiful work! As you see she is a master of fun, funky styles, but it doesn't stop there! Her guests vary from very conservative to anything goes!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Historical Reclaimed Wood Makes Beautiful Retail Shelves!

Salvaged wood planks from the Old School House in Edgartown, Martha's Vinyard, have created the perfect eco/rustic/super-cool touch Verde Salon was looking for!

Final Look!
During Verde's recent renovation we decided to create a new look to display our fabulous Kevin Murphy products, along with our local Green Koala candles. But what to do?

Check out that color!
Our first idea was to have 'live edge' wood shelves, like we saw in a picture on Pinterest (duh!). We found some of this elusive 'live edge' lumber and soon realized there was a problem. After much deliberation, 3 rounds of wood, and phone call after phone call, most of this wood come with their very own self consuming powder post beetles! Awesome... not so awesome. So on to plan 2!!!

Looking for some love.

Reclaimed wood was the obvious choice, but were to go? We were thrilled to find the guys at Jarmak Wood, in Oxford, Ma. They are basically the guru's of reclaimed wood in the area, with everything for floors, decorating, and more. We went down to the lumber yard, gave them our budget and time crunch, and the handsome fella in flannel (bonus) hooked us up with the prefect gorgeous wood. Best part? It's a part of Edgartown history!

School half way through demo
These rescued planks (yes, rescued like a puppy!) came out of an old school house in Martha's Vineyard. This old building has been abandoned for quite some time, and the town decided to send this tired old building to its final resting place and build a brand spanking new library. However, they took very special care to recycle and salvage as much as they could. Which is fabulous, because they just don't make stuff like they used to!
Ready to find a new home!

We decided to go really straight forward with the shelving to try to let the natural glory of these beauties shine. We sanded a little bit with a sanding belt and installed using the layout of the salon be our guide. The shelve are a little bowed and rough in some spots, but we think it makes them special.

Fits perfect on our half wall!