Friday, February 13, 2015

Ecaille... The Hottest Hair Color Trend!

Move Over Ombre.... Ecaille ( French for tortoiseshell) is Here! 

Ecaille by Stylist Ashley Sexton using Great Length Extensions
We have been seeing these beautiful hair colors on our favorite celebs, like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, and Giselle Bundchen, that is not quite ombre, not quite balayage... it's Ecaille! This look is straight out of Paris and very natural and gorgeous. Think of tortoiseshell glasses with deep browns, caramels, honeys, and tans, all blending in unison.  

What makes this look different from ombre? It's basically ombre's more polished, sophisticated big sister.  First of all, its much more blended. Instead of using 2-3 shades it incorporates 3-5 tones. Also, it has a much bigger transition area. There are little highlights all through, and very gradually fades from dark to light. Many Escaille looks are also a little brighter around the face. I would suggest not lightening more than 2-3 shade lighter than your natural. Are we sure how to pronounce it? No. Do we love the look? Yes!
My favorite part of these glam looks is they are blended and SHINY! Most colorist say they are paired with glosses to really let the subtle tones sparkle. Our Coloring Green organic gloss is the perfect top coat to shine and protect those locks! 

Ecaille done by Stylist Kendra Martin
 More Ecaille done by the Verde girls!!

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