Sunday, February 1, 2015

Historical Reclaimed Wood Makes Beautiful Retail Shelves!

Salvaged wood planks from the Old School House in Edgartown, Martha's Vinyard, have created the perfect eco/rustic/super-cool touch Verde Salon was looking for!

Final Look!
During Verde's recent renovation we decided to create a new look to display our fabulous Kevin Murphy products, along with our local Green Koala candles. But what to do?

Check out that color!
Our first idea was to have 'live edge' wood shelves, like we saw in a picture on Pinterest (duh!). We found some of this elusive 'live edge' lumber and soon realized there was a problem. After much deliberation, 3 rounds of wood, and phone call after phone call, most of this wood come with their very own self consuming powder post beetles! Awesome... not so awesome. So on to plan 2!!!

Looking for some love.

Reclaimed wood was the obvious choice, but were to go? We were thrilled to find the guys at Jarmak Wood, in Oxford, Ma. They are basically the guru's of reclaimed wood in the area, with everything for floors, decorating, and more. We went down to the lumber yard, gave them our budget and time crunch, and the handsome fella in flannel (bonus) hooked us up with the prefect gorgeous wood. Best part? It's a part of Edgartown history!

School half way through demo
These rescued planks (yes, rescued like a puppy!) came out of an old school house in Martha's Vineyard. This old building has been abandoned for quite some time, and the town decided to send this tired old building to its final resting place and build a brand spanking new library. However, they took very special care to recycle and salvage as much as they could. Which is fabulous, because they just don't make stuff like they used to!
Ready to find a new home!

We decided to go really straight forward with the shelving to try to let the natural glory of these beauties shine. We sanded a little bit with a sanding belt and installed using the layout of the salon be our guide. The shelve are a little bowed and rough in some spots, but we think it makes them special.

Fits perfect on our half wall!

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