Saturday, July 4, 2015

Meet Tia, Verde's July Featured Stylist!

Tia... Verde's next up and coming SUPER-STAR!

We are thrilled to have Tia as July's stylist for many reasons. First of all, Tia is going to be the next big thing at Verde Salon! Starting this fall Tia will be opening up to a full schedule, and with her skills and stylist intuition, she we be cutting hair and taking names in a serious way.

Tia's Product Picks for July!

Kevin Murphy's  Blonde Angel Rinse 20% OFF
Why Tia loves it?

Blonde Angel really keeps blondes bright and combats those unwanted yellow and brassy (the B word!) tones that blondes can develop. This conditioning rinse leaves blonde and grey hair soft and manageable. 

Glo Minerals Perfecting Powder 20% OFF

Why Tia loves is? 
I love Glo's Perfecting Powder because for people like myself, who get super oily throughout the day, the perfecting powder is a life saver! I can go longer without blotting and it works miracles for touching up. This is a clay based translucent powder and is prefect for any shade of complexion!

Another reason we are glad to gush is Tia is an amazing talent on our Wedding Team. She can capture a brides whole style and make them look their very best. Her calm nature is also so wonderful on a day where stress can run high.

Making another bride happy!

What Tia had to say!
Q. What is your favorite color/cut to give?
A. My favorite cut to give right now is a short textured bob. Nothing feels better than getting rid of dry ends and trading them in for a cute new bob!

Q.If you had to choose another career, what would it be?
A. I would be a tour manager for bands/artists. Live music is one of my passions and to be a behind the scenes part of that would be amazing.

Q.What hair and make up trends are you loving right now?
A. Summer time always makes me crave that messy, beachy, blonde hair! And I'm still loving the simple eye/bold lip combo for summer, it's easy and fun.

Q.If you could style any celebrities hair  who would it be?
A.Leonardo DiCaprio, he's got a nice head of hair and I bet we would get along famously!

Makeup by Tia on Tia

Tia is truly a Verde Girl in so many ways. She is an animal lover and the mom of some super cute kitties. Tia is serious about being earth friend and lives a super healthy lifestyle. Her style is edgy and unique and she is full of passion. Verde salon is proud to have Tia call us her home away from home. And don't worry, you'll be hearing a lot from this one! 

Tia and her beautiful Mom

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