Sunday, April 5, 2015

Global Water for Earth Day at Verde!

Your purchase at Verde will help provide clean water!!

Its almost our favorite holiday.... EARTH DAY!! Every Earth Day Verde picks an environmental organization to raise money for. This year we have happily chosen to support Global Water. Verde will be donating 10% of all of our KEVIN.MURPHY and Glo Minerals purchases from April 7th to April 22nd. 

Global Water is a nonprofit Humanitarian organization that provides safe water and supplies sanitation and hygiene facilities to poor villages in developing countries. 

Over 1 billion men, women, and children do not have access to safe drinking water. Daily tens of thousands of them die from preventable diseases directly related to drinking polluted water. Women and children are normally tasked with the intensive labor of going to get water for the entire family by hiking to rivers, streams, or mud holes used by both animals and humans, which are normally badly polluted. The sad irony is that often there is life saving water just 100 feet directly underground. So what does this mean for us and global water?

Basically Global Water will go into these under developed areas and provide the equipment and knowledge to help these people to better their quality of life. Schools are given hand washing stations and children are taught the importance of cleanliness. After digging these wells and providing access to the clean water families are able to safely drink water without becoming ill. They are given life long tools and information to help communities stay safe with sanitation and hygiene facilities and facilities in schools. 

Sounds great? Well it is. Global water has been crushing it in clean water advocacy since 1982. After we have raised our huge donation, with your help of course, we will chose a project to sponsor. Global Water is excellent about keeping their website updated with all the amazing progress they are having. 

On a more local note, do you know where your bottled water is coming from? Most of us don't. Bottled water does NOT mean spring water (even if spring is in the name). 50% of bottled water sold in the U.S. is ordinary filtered tap water. Just like the water coming out of your faucet for, like, 1/1,000 the cost of bottled. Aquafina and Dasani are from municipal sources, AKA tap water. 

One of our very favorite local discoveries is Simpson Spring right in Easton, MA. This is genuine spring water with the minerals in tact. Simpson Spring dates back thousands of years (awesome, right??) and the water is tested 2x a week to meet the highest quality standards. We have been so happy supporting a local honest water source and thought you would too!

Simpson Spring 719 Washington Street rt 138 Easton, MA 508-238-4472

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