Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet Sophia, Verde's April Featured Stylist!

We are so excited to spotlight our fabulous stylist Sophia for the month of April! She may be young, but Sophia is a fierce talent. From the day of her interview, we knew she was one of the most determined young women we have met. Her career began at a blow-dry bar where she mastered the art of a bombshell-blowout. After training with the Verde staff, Sophia is now the fastest growing stylist on the team. A couple of her specialties are balayage (ombre or escaille!), beautiful soft layers, and being able to pick the perfect products for any hair issues. In addition, she is an amazing wedding artist. Sophia is trained in Glo Minerals makeup and is amazing at formal wedding hair styles. We are so lucky and proud to have her on board! 

Sophia's Product Picks for April
KEVIN.MURPHY Anti-Gravity Spray 20% OFF!
-Why she loves it: "There are so many reasons why! I love that it is an oil free volumizer, so it does a great job of really lifting the root without being to heavy. It also has awesome hold for a bombshell blowout! I love that Anti-Gravity can be used as a light weight hair spray, and along with all that it has heat protection so it protects the hair while styling it!"

Glo Minerals Bronzer 20% OFF!
-Why she loves it: "This is my go-to product on any day of the week. I love the subtle shimmer of 'Sunkiss' to give my face a natural glow. Glo bronzer is also a girls best friend when it comes to contouring. It hase vitamins A, C, E, and green tea extract so it is great for any skin type. This is awesome for April to give all of our pale faces some warmth and glow!"

A little more about Sophia?
Q. If you had to choose another professions, what would it be and why?
A. I would choose to work with special needs children. They have a special place in my heart especially because I grew up with a very close friend who had Down syndrome. There is no better feeling they helping and spreading love. 
Q. If you could style any celebs hair, who would you pick?
A. Christina Aguilera because she is a saint and the movie Burlesque is the reason I followed my passion for hair and makeup.
Q. What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
A. Full grown beards! I don't know what is sexier than a manly man with a well kept beard. 
Q. What is your favorite hair color for 2015?
A. Gray hair! I'm obsessed with any natural or enhance gray color. It's so edgy and beautiful no matter what age!

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