Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet Samantha, Verde's March Featured Stylist!

Verde proudly presents Samantha Snowdale, Featured Stylist for March 2015.

Samantha has been been with Verde Salon for 2 years, but has been dishing out amazing hair for over 10. She is an absolutely amazing precision hair cutter with extensive education from NYC to Toronto. Watching her create shapes in hair is like watching Picasso paint. Sam is a master of coloring, using soft dimension and an expert eye Samantha can pick the perfect shade to compliment every skin tone. As a leader on Verde's wedding team, she has created countless perfect hair and makeup looks. We are talking about a beauty expert with the skills to prove it!

Samantha Product Picks for March!!

 Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort Spray 20% OFF
Why Sam Loves it: "I love it because it gives me a fun, beachy look without a lot of time or effort (which is awesome for a new mom of two!) I also love how it is great for all hair types and textures. Bonus, it smells like a vacation day at the beach!"

Glo Minerals Lip Gloss 20% OFF
Why Sam Loves it: "Glo glosses have an amazing feeling, are not to sticky, and are super moisturizing. The colors are beautiful and subtle and last really long for a gloss. My two favorite shades are Peony and Poppy!"

What Sam had to say!
Q. What was your favorite hair and makeup look this year at the Oscars?
A. "Jennifer Aniston. Her hair was beachy and effortless (Hair Resort Spray is perfect for this!) and her makeup was classic and timeless. Jen's look says class all the way."
Q. If you had to chose another career other than hair stylist, what would it be?
A. "Children's clothes designer. I'd love to make baby clothes that are more comfortable and practical than what I am finding today. Practical and stylish would be my style."
Q.What is your favorite hair style to do on your guests?
A. "Bobs! I love the versatility of a bob. It is great on so many textures and face shapes. Bob's incorporate precision cutting, angular lines, and fun/flirty shapes. I'm glad the long-bob, or 'lob', is such a hot cut right now!"

While Samantha is not at work creating hair and makeup looks to knock your socks off, she is moonlighting as a Super-Mom to two BEAUTIFUL little guys. How does she do it? The career, great kids, loving husband, adorable dog, and still more stunning than half the girls on the runway? It would be an understatement to say she is organized. I'm talking meal plans for 2 weeks, color coded closets, organized. When you are good, good things come back to you and we are lucky to have landed this gem!

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