Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Deanna and Ashley's Lips and Hips Shoot!!

So we (Deanna and Ashley) decided to blaze the trail and give the Lips and Hips a try. We had such a blast! Honestly better than we even hoped! We are going to write a little bit about our experience and give you a taste of Shannon's work. She was also kind enough to take a couple pics of them together!

Here is what Deanna had to say about this experience:
"I have to say this is probably one of the best things that I have done for myself in a while! Walking in I was definitely feeling a little nervous and not knowing what to expect. I mean putting on a small amount of clothing in front of a stranger that you've never met before who wouldn't be nervous! Not only is Shannon's location super super cute and quaint. I felt so comfortable in her space and Shannon herself makes you feel like you are longtime friends. Plus she does this every day so she's used to seeing every shape and size. So the first outfit was the most revealing (hence not being pictured here). The ones following that were more softer kind of sexy-over-the-shoulder outfits. With never doing this before Shannon gave me great direction and helpful hints. Who would've known how hard it is to be a model? I feel like at some points I was doing a yoga pose! Got to give those models some credit. After about three outfit changes we were on our last shoot. Which involved the fan blowing my hair which was absolutely amazing... I felt like a real supermodel! After leaving I really did not know what to expect. I basically just left everything up to Shannon. I am so glad that I did.  I was completely blown away by the finished photos that she sent me. Not only did she make me look great but she made me feel amazing about myself. Which I think everybody should experience!"

 Here is what Ashley had to say about her experience:
"I was totally nervous about having a boudoir shoot. I knew I liked the idea of it... but the act?? Not sure. However, I really wanted to give it a go and see what this experience was like to be able to encourage our Verde community to give it a try. I also wanted to feel like a Hot Mama! Boy did I ever!! Shannon was absolutely amazing. Unlike Deanna, I went in with no direction at all. I was too nervous for direction! I just said do whatever you think is right. What she came up with is better than I ever imagined. I can't even believe these pics are me! Not to toot my own horn... but TOOT TOOT! If it wasn't for this promotion I'm not sure I would have ever felt sexy-shoot worthy. After having it done I honestly feel like EVERY WOMAN should have pictures of herself she looks at and says 'Dang- I look good!' When I showed Chris, my fiance, he said "I'm marrying a model!" What is better than that?? This is the least revealing pic so the rest are for Chris's eyes only."

So how can you enter to win this amazing experience for yourself? Come on in to Verde and purchase a new Glo Minerals Matte Lipstick (for only $16!!) OR post a pic of your favorite shade (preferably you wearing it) and tag both Verde and Shannon on Facebook or Instagram. You can also go to the Glo Minerals page to check out the shades and pick your fav!! More contest info HERE.

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