Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Green Your Beauty Routine in 2016!

Now is always the perfect time to incorporate more eco friendly practices in your daily life. We all want the earth to look as beautiful as us! But going green doesn't have to mean washing your hair with smelly vinager and forgoing any glitz or glamour. Here are some tips to help do your part, and look fabulous as a result.

1. HEALTHIER HAIR COLOR: Lets face it, we are going to color our hair. And if it makes us feel beautiful, we should! But the experience of watering eyes and burning scalps doesn't need to be our reality anymore. Professional hair color has come a LONG way in the earth friendly department, and now there are amazing organic permanent color options free of ammonia, PPD, fragrance, parabens, and other yucky scary components. To learn the dangers of these scary buzz words, click here. At Verde we use Nayo, from Kemon, and it's a beautiful, soothing, yogurt-based color that even the most sensitive scalps love. Best part? Its full coverage, long wear, and so shinny! Color lovers rejoice!

2. SHAMPOO LESS: I know your stylist has been telling you for years, but washing your hair everyday is to much. Now you have a new excuse to skip a day (or two)! By shampooing your hair every other day instead of everyday you will use 50% less shampoo and conditioner, 50% less water rinsing your hair, and 50% less energy blowdrying. Sounds great, right? I know what your going to say, "but my hair will be greasy and flat..." Well, my friend, you have not met DOO.OVER by KEVIN.MURPHY. The right dry shampoo will save you time and energy, and give you the lift, bounce, and longevity your missing. Find a low VOC spray, or a sprinkle powder. I'd say experiment on the weekends, and see what works for you. Your color will thank you!

photo credit, GLAMOUR MAG

3. BAMBOO BRUSHES: Using sustainably harvested bamboo brushes is way better than a big hunk of plastic. Often, natural eco brushes will have wild boar bristles which help drag oils from your scalp through your hair preventing over drying and keeping it incredibly shinny. We love KEVIN.MURPHY's line of eco brushes and use them on almost everyone. These brushes will also not sit in a landfill for eternity, but rather decompose! Way better.

4. RECYCLE YOUR PACKAGES: This seems obvious, but sometimes when we are in the bathroom, we just toss empty products in the trash. ESPECIALLY aerosol cans. Most recycle companies don't take these pesky cans. If you have a bottle you don't think your local recycle company will take, bring it to the store you bought it on your next visit! Most companies can accommodate and will be happy to help you. At Verde salon we work with Green Circle Salon to ensure we can recycle everything except for food waste! If you have a can or bottle you can't recycle, bring it to us! Also consider, some packaging is useful and beautiful, you may be able to clean it out and reuse it!

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