Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Are Your Hair Products Hurting You?!

Not all products are created equal. 

We all know what we put in our body is important, but have we thought about what we should be putting ON our body? The team at Verde Salon in Braintree, MA has done just that. With the awareness of toxins, crude oil byproducts, formaldehyde, and who knows what else is going into products, people are starting to ask, Is there a better, safer option? Yes! 

For years people have been trying to create a permanent hair color, strong enough to color grey (yes, the G word) without using the key, but harmful, components. Three of the main perpetrators are ammonia, PPD (a harsh chemical dye), and fragrance (to cover up all the stinky scary stuff). Nayo, a color line by Kemon, has managed to get rid of these things and replace them with gentler versions and natural ingredients and the results are gorgeous and long lasting. PPD, or Para-Phenylenediamine, is a poisonous chemical found in hair color, fabric dyes, printing and photocopying inks, and is responsible for severe reactions. Most people have a mild but unpleasant reaction, namely a constant stingy burning feeling. With out this ingredient people have close to no tingling reaction to the color. Everyone is familiar with the sting in your lungs if you get a big whiff of ammonia, right? With out that in your hair color you can breathe easier with no chemical poisoning your lungs. Having a yogurt base with flax seed oil and calendula (all farmed at an organic family farm in Italy) makes this color gentle and soothing on the hair and scalp without the need for fragrance. Because the hair is less damaged after using this color line, the shades hold truer, shinier, longer. 

What we style our hair with matters, as well. Verde carries Kevin Murphy products, which are paraben and sulfate free. Products we are using in the shower are getting steamed up and absorbed into our skin all over our body. Parabens, which are preservatives, are a common ingredient in cosmetics. Now we are learning the dangers of them and people are steering clear. One claim of parabens is they affect estrogen in the body, and directly relate to breast and other cancers. Sulfates, which are mainly sulfur salts, strip the hair of natural oils and over-dry the hair, causing color fading and brittle strands. Taking away these harmful cheap ingredients and replacing them with natural oils, plant extracts, and non-toxic ingredients makes a huge difference in people's hair and health. Also, we can feel happy we are not putting all that junk down the drain to swim with the fishes. 

Verde also carries Glo Minerals, a talc and paraben free pharmaceutical grade makeup line. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, this HD ready line is stunning and all natural. 

All of the lines carried at Verde Salon are cruelty free. Let's face it, animal cruelty is NOT COOL. All of our products are proudly tested on humans. In addition to being product freaks, we also use as many eco-friendly practices as possible. This includes recycling almost all our trash, recycling hair clippings, using compostable cups and paper products, offering organic coffee, and being paperless. Let's take care of the earth, and each other. 

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