Thursday, April 17, 2014

Earth Day 2014 with Verde Salon

Let's give back for Earth Day, together.

Wow! It's been two years already that Verde has been in existence. At the beginning of this dream was a mission. That mission was to improve our community and make a difference.  We started by positioning our salon as an eco-friendly environment. The build out of the salon was done with recycled, renewable resources and then came the product lines we aligned ourselves with. 

 First was Kemon, an earth conscious hair color manufacture that farms and harvests their own organic ingredients and supports salons with a healthier way of providing chemical services.  

Then comes Kevin.Murphy... This company really touched our hearts.  From their philosophy behind square packaging which uses 40% less plastic, to the enzyme they patented that breaks down plastic in a landfill 7 years quicker the normal plastics!  They also went through the rigorous process of becoming PETA certified which really made us excited.  Kevin.Murphy also made us aware of the Al Gore Climate Reality project which is why I am writing this blog. 
This is our favorite month because of Earth Day, which sits near and dear to us! So let's talk about what we're going to do to give back!  We decided to donate 10% of ALL of our retail sales for the week of Earth Day, April 20-26, to the Climate Reality project.  This organization focuses on the depletion of the ozone layer and how to improve the world we live in.  Instead of supporting earth day for just one day, we wanted to make a whole week out of it.  What Verde asks from our clients is your support to give back to our local communities by supporting our salon and the Kevin.Murphy product range.  Kevin is already donating a $1 for every aerosol that is sold but that's just the start to a bigger movement.  That movement starts by all of us getting together as one to support our beautiful world that we live in and call home!  Thank you for being part of the Verde family!

4/30/14 UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped support this years Earth Day Promo! People were so enthusiastic about about supporting. We are thrilled to say with your help we raised $130.00 and Verde has decided to match that amount, and we will be donating $260.00 to Climate Reality. It truly is our passion to give back, stay tuned for our next awesome promotion!

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