Thursday, April 6, 2017

Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Verde!

By: Kendra Goodwin

Do you have questions about hair extensions? You're not alone! As a recently certified great lengths extension technician, I am excited to share with you all things extensions. Hair extensions can be used for several different effects. If you have thin hair that just won't get volume no matter how much product you use, have no fear. Add some extensions that are the same length as your own hair for the maximum volume !  Did you cut your hair and hate the awkward phase of the grow out? Throw some extensions in and pretend like it never happened! Have you requested silver Balayage and your meanie stylist said it wasn't possible without bleaching your hair past its breaking point? We can create that look with great lengths extensions. The options are seriously endless!

There are many misconceptions about hair extensions.
1. Hair extensions will damage my hair: NOPE. As long as you have a well trained technician, you take great care of the extensions, and your hair is healthy enough for attachment then you should have no problem. In fact, at Verde we have seen people be able to grow their hair longer and healthier wearing extensions because you put less heat stress on your hair.
2. The hair was unrightfully taken from someone: Not our hair. While this is unfortunately a common practice, all the hair used in Verde Salon is ethical, meaning willingly donated and fairly compensated for. It's also traceable, meaning we know exactly where and when it came from. We proudly use Indian Temple hair: after women shave their heads for a religious ceremony, the Temple is paid for the hair, which in turn helps to support the local community. So you can feel, like, real good about it.
3. I can't style or color my hair while wearing them: Oh yes you can! You are able to wash, blow-dry, curl, color, etc! You just need to be mindful of the attachment site.

Being able to provide these amazing high end hair extensions has given us the power to perform amazing transformations. For more information on them we gladly offer complimentary consultations to answer questions you may have! Check out some before and after photos from the Verde Team!

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